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This is the first time I have read your work. Your piece was recommended by someone I follow on Twitter. I don’t consider myself an environmentalist by today’s standard as I don’t think our current use of fossil fuels represents an existential threat to mankind. At the same time, I passionately believe we should find alternative energy sources and get away from our over use of disposable plastics because our continued reliance on these things does harm our environment. Reading your article answered several questions I had regarding nuclear energy and also confirmed concerns I have about our seemingly blind pursuit of wind energy and battery usage without understanding their substantial environmental and other costs. You did a great job with your investigation into nuclear energy and I appreciate what you have taught me. Kudos.

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Hi Zion: Very useful to have such a thorough review of the nuclear waste issue. I’d say from my friends and relatives, most of whom are anti nuclear, that “what do you do with the waste?” is their biggest question. Problem is of course, that I can give them this article and I’m not sure they will even read it, or if read it, believe it. It’s a real issue. Still, I’ll keep trying to change views one person at a time.

I’ve written a piece directed at anti Nuke folks who have said they are open to reading and being persuaded. So far they haven’t responded! Sigh. (I cover three areas: Waste, Safety, Costs).

I have to keep reminding myself that I too could suffer from similar cognitive dissonance, as rhe anti nuke brigade — Not even realise I’m in a bubble! That said, I *did* change my mind, as did Zion, from anti to very pro nuclear.

Let’s go, New Clear!

And thanks again to Zion Lights for great work. You are doing good for the world!

Peter Forsythe

Hong Kong

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Excellent piece. I salute you for your bravery in continuing your advocacy of nuclear powered electricity production, considering you turned you back on people, with whom you were in locked step, who's continued outlook on nuclear, is now at complete odds with your knowledge and understanding. To nail ones 'colours to the mast' but then be able to take them down, shows extreme fortitude. Thank you.

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I worked for 5 years in a theoretical chemistry/physics group associated with the Hanford waste site in central Washington state. Great article! I could not agree more, both with regard to nuclear energy and to fossil fuels.

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Hi Zion Lights,

I just read your article on the Free Press on your coming out of the cult of climate activism.

That was the very first insiders expose I have read anywhere on the net in the 3 years of intense research on everything relating to all the current crises from A to Z, which was kickstarted by being a non-essential business owner in a world gone mad with Covid-19 fascism, which is being funded and driven forward by same international cartel that is behind the climate change activism and groups like Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop oil.

Anyway I will not wax on about that because I turned up here after subscribing to your page in order to say thank you for your courage and integrity in rejecting that which you spent so much of your time, energy and life involved in - that was I have no doubt a very difficult and painful process, and being attacked for it once you had withdrawn must have hurt as well.

This is a global disinformation war against humanity and in removing yourself and speaking up you have chosen the right side - to fight for humanity and not against our best interests.

Welcome to Substack.

Ivan M. Paton

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I cannot thank you enough for this article. Even though I am against doing away with oil and gas like many in positions of power today, I have always been deathly afraid of nuclear power for the very reason of waste. Even though I’ve searched for information on this topic many times, solely due to the favorable arguments made by proponents of nuclear power, I’ve never been able to find anything that explains this in layman’s terms. I had heard recently on a podcast, and I don’t recall who it was, stating that the best way, the most cost efficient way, to build nuclear power plants on scale is to develop and offer some basic models from which a country or state can choose. These could be mass produced and shipped and assembled more efficiently. Different variations would allow for the geographical variations, and various power needs of any particular region. There should even be “mini” plants that would serve smaller locations. Thank you so much for your article!

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I've protested it.

But now there is the Dual Fluid Reactor to burn it !

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Great article, thank you!

I learned many things that I was previously misinformed about. The one thing I would add is that while yes, the batteries are not recyclable, there are startups that are removing the rare earth minerals from the batteries (i.e. lithium, nickel etc....) seeing that the costs to mine - environmental, financial and social - are enormous. These minerals are treated somehow (I don’t remember the details sorry) and reused. I’m optimistic more companies will join this rush to recycle. Also, I believe there is attention being paid to the massive amount of solar panels that are beginning to be decommissioned. Once again, I forget where I read about this, but it makes sense. I have 13kw of solar on my roof and will take the panels when they are finished and use them to make a cover for my back porch or somewhere on my property (shh, my wife doesn’t know this yet!). They are very durable and look really neat when used for this purpose. And I’m guessing with the cost of lumber etc... it will be less expensive. THAT will be my selling point to my wife.

Anyway, thanks again for this great article. I’m looking forward to taking this information and other sources about nuclear and getting into good discussions with my green friends!

Also, looking forward to learning more from you, my friends, and the well-thought-out comments right here!

Have a great day everyone!


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This is an excellent article. Accurate, balanced and fair. I am sharing it widely.

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Dear Zion Lights;

As a retired nuclear energy licensed operator, nuclear plant worker, nuclear instructor trainer retired, I welcome u to a brave new world. Thank u for seeing the truth and expressing it so well.

Best regards,

Curtis Suit

Oconee Nuclear Station,

Salem Nuclear Station,

Hope Creek Nuclear Station,

Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) certified instructor,

Masters in Industrial Training, Clemson University.

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At this point, I would not say that waste is the main issue. There are security and safety problems that have to be dealt with in order to operate a nuclear plant.

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Very good piece. Very informative. The problem with nuclear power as opposed to other form of renewable energy sources is that it's very expensive for a country to set up. Otherwise it would be an excellent source of clean energy

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Pre-loved nuclear fuel reserves could power the world for a long time. Burn these first to remove the economic case for new fossil fuel programs should be the environmental message.

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They taught these facts about Uranium & nuclear energy in physics and chemistry at University back in the 1970 & 80s but the young & dumb anti - nuclear energy activists & journalists refused to either listen or believe.

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Excellent analysis and entirely correct. I would only add two, perhaps not so small, points.

1. The existing storage systems of used nuclear fuel have a perfect safety record. There have been zero fatalities or injuries to members of the public because of the proper storage of used nuclear fuel.

2. All used nuclear fuel can be turned into new fuel and used again. The world's existing inventory of used fuel can produce about 15,000 times as much energy as was produced the first time it was used. This technology was developed and demonstrated decades ago, and is in use in France and Belgium.

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what ä fucking idiotic stament: nuclear waste is the ultimate horror for this world until we can change it in something short living via transmuation. but now its only death and sickness... long living transurans are often alpha-transmitter and thats the most dangerous radiation if its in the body. we have no means to clean the world from this shit and it wont decay from it self in an accepable time. fuck all the nuclear reactors!!!!

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